Monday, July 15, 2013

LITTLE MAO takes the Big Apple

Chairman Bobby vs. the Statue of Liberty (photo of Kevin Wang by Johnny Vong)

Little Mao is going to Manhattan.  It will play the Asian American International Film Festival on Saturday, August 3 at 3:30 in the In Times of Innocence shorts program.

"We are proud to play on Yankees territory," proclaimed Chairman Bobby.  "We shall take the game to them."  When the Chairman was advised that the film was playing and not his baseball team, Bobby revised his remark to say, "Oh...well, we're still proud to be playing New York especially so close to our comrades in Chinatown and that our message will reaching the centre of America.  Play on!"

New York follows successful screenings this year in San Francisco, Los Angeles (where star Ariyena Sorani was nominated for an acting award), Toronto and Puerto Rico.

Little Mao will screen at at the Anthology of Film Archives (AFA) at 32 Second Avenue (at 2nd Street) on August 2.  Members of Bobby's team will be on hand to witness the historic event.

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