Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sold-out screening at ReelWorld 2013

Left to right: ReelWorld programmer Bobby Del Rio, Mao director Allan Tong, and Goodness in Rwanda director Gord Rand at the screening's Q&A (photo: Sari Colt)

Little Mao unspooled before a sold-out audience at yesterday's screening at the ReelWorld Film Festival at Canada Square cinemas in Toronto. Credit for packing the house largely goes to Tara Hughes, producer of the feature documentary Goodness in Rwanda, that followed Mao at the 4:00 pm screening and which picked ReelWorld's Audience Award.  Little Mao cast members Tia Ng and Brian Obonna showed up in style.

Katie Chats' Katie Uhlmann (left) and Allan at the ReelWorld opening night, April 10 during an interview (photo: Joanne Uhlmann)

On opening night of ReelWorld, interviewer Katie Uhlmann spoke to Allan for her Youtube channel, Kate Chats, which can be seen here.

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